Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow — a.k.a. Dominican artist George Lewis, Jr.— produced and released his latest album, Confess, this past summer. Lewis gained inspiration for the album after experiencing a motorcycle accident in Boston, which is reflected in the video below.

And this is pretty cool... two of the albums songs, "Five Seconds" and "Patient", were transformed into a music video saga which drew inspiration from Lewis's novel Night of the Silver Sun. 

The A.V. Club calls Twin Shadow a formidable 80's-nostalgist, and describes the album as filled with Morrissey-esque yelps and Human League-worthy choruses, but Twin Shadow manages to digest his influences rather than simply replicate them.

Listen to "Five Seconds" below:  

Watch the official video

Check out the tour schedule here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tame Impala

What I'm loving right now: Tame Impala and their new album Lonerism.

Pitchfork describes it perfectly, "The first sound you hear eerily resembles a smudgy RZA sample sputtering into motion, but it opens up into one of Kevin Parker’s effortlessly floated sky-scraping choruses, one that has an entire city’s worth of life churning beneath it-- a thoughtfully wandering bass line that hardly ever repeats itself, watercolor splashes of organ and keys, and drum fills that switch patterns every refrain. The chorus keeps repeating itself like someone keeps hitting the restart button, but spotting the differences surrounding the melody is a game for the ears. When it’s over, the song practically nudges you to start it again, since there are always more details to catch."

Listen to “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, my favorite track from their new album Lonerism, below:

A lot of their shows are already sold out, but check out the tour dates here.