Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Abadabad - All The Bros Say

Transitioning now from my recent spurt of synthpop posts, to a song that just makes me feel comfortable when I listen to it. Abadabadone of NME’s Top 100 New Bands for 2012, has a sound that fits into the surf-rock genre, producing sunny, vibrant grooves that give you a dream like feeling. 

Listening to "All The Bros Say" will have you wishing it was summer again. Luckily for us here in Texas, and I say lucky because I am not a fan of the cold, we are still experiencing shorts and t-shirt weather. For the rest of you, this song will help you dance through the cold and have you looking forward to the warm months ahead. 

"All The Bros Say" is a hazy, reverb heavy track with sun-kissed guitar strums and emotional lyrics. Listen to it below:

Abadabad's debut EP, The Wild, has a vintage feel and is full of jangly, spacey vibes, stream it here

Excellent News! The entire the EP is available for FREE, download it here. Just click the green download button. 

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