Thursday, January 17, 2013


Ellinor Olovsdotter slowly morphed into Elliphant through the course of a long (and lost) summer travelling in the UK with only a dubstep soundsystem for company. After falling in love with the urban music sounds of London she returned home to Stockholm, on Sweden’s East Coast, boasting sizzling MC skills and some serious lyrical prowess.
Now, having already won over the likes of Dazed & Confused ["all abstract lyrcisms and cheap dirty beats"], NME “[amazing'"], Pitchfork “[Elliphant sound like nothing but the future"] and the Guardian ["strangely captivating"] from afar’, Elliphant is preparing a return to these shores. (via Soundcloud)
"Listen and you wont be surprised that Elliphant is from Sweden. Listen closer and you may be surprised by the amount of Reggae seeping through the sticky seems of this jam." - The Burning Ear

The beat caught my attention on this track, it's infectious and I love the sly infusion of Reggae.

Genre: Swedish Electro Indie Pop
Sounds Like: M.I.A, Niki & The Dove

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