Sunday, January 27, 2013


MS MR is a Brooklyn-based duo that calls its music a blend of “Tumblr glitch pop, soul fuzz, and electro-shock.” MS (London-born Lizzy Plapinger from Neon Gold Records) takes on all vocal duties as MR (Idaho native Max Hershenow) handles music and production.

They will release their brand new single "Fantasy" on March 10th 2013. This will be followed by their much-anticipated debut album Second Hand Rapture, which will be out May 14th on Columbia Records. 

There is such and enigmatic epic feeling to "Fantasy," with its full vocals, and pounding drums. This song is a huge rush of cinematic electro pop, and I am addicted to the chic, soaring vocals, piano, and hand clapping.

Their sound has all the elements of Florence Welch or Marina and The Diamonds

Check out the band's soundcloud to hear the rest of their tracks.

View MS MR tour dates hereCatch them at SXSW this March as well as Governor’s Ball in June.

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  1. Can't wait for the album to come out! I am loving their video for Hurricane…