Monday, January 14, 2013

The Airplanes

The Airplanes come to us from Fayetteville, Arkansas producing indie rock with a very upbeat, pop sound and influences that remind me of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. The band released their self-titled debut album near the end of last year and I have spotlighted 3 tracks below. 

“Paper Hearts” emits a very summery, beach-y feel that teeters on the verge of surf rock and mixes with a garage lo-fi sound, creating a catchy foot-tapping melody and rhythm.

The single “A Summer Daydream Part I” surely has the feel of a hazy, hot summer day, and is sunny and upbeat thanks to the fuzzy, distant vocals, shimmering synths, glistening guitars, and a steady, tribal drum beat. Somehow the song conjures up the image of blazing August day by the lake with friends, barbecuing, keeping the beer cold and enjoying the beautiful scenery painted by The Airplanes. -Indie Rock Cafe

"Paper Hearts"

"Summer Daydream"

"Wasted Time"

You can listen to their entire EP and purchase the digital album here

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