Sunday, March 30, 2014


We caught ODESZA last night at Club Dada in Dallas, and the Seattle-based production duo laid it down! Club Dada is your typical hole-in-the-wall type venue here in the Deep Ellum portion of Dallas, and the relatively small venue was jam packed with anticipation for ODESZA. You could feel the electricity buzzing in the air; this is a show we couldn't miss. With the crowd bouncing and grooving to glittery synth sounds and body grinding bass, Dallas felt alive. After bumping elbows and knees with the locals drenched in flammable sweat, we retreated to Serious Pizza for some much needed slices. 

The crowd really got down to favorites like "My Friends Never Die," "Sun Models" and "Without You." 

"Sun Models," released just last month is already at over 600k+ views! Their tour is selling out fast, so grab your tickets before they're gone!


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  1. “bumping elbows and knees with the locals drenched in flammable sweat” - what a description! streaming “Sun Models” as i’m reading your post, and i can imagine the magic from the night.